Frequently asked questions

Why is Clemson University posting its spending online?

Clemson University receives its funding from students, taxpayers, sponsors, donors and alumni and is committed to being accountable to those constituent groups in the way it uses those funds. This website provides information for all expenses paid through the University's vendor system or with state-approved procurement credit cards.

Clemson University has collaborated with state colleges and universities and the Comptroller General's Office to provide spending transparency. The Comptroller General's spending transparency website is located at State Purchasing Card activities are located at


What information is available?

The website shows all expenses paid through the University's vendor system or with state-approved procurement credit cards. You can look at spending by month or by vendor, the amount spent, the source of the funds, the category of spending and the division that made the purchase. For more information, see How to use this site and definitions.


Are payroll expenses included?

No. Information about salaries can be found at consistent with the S.C. Freedom of Information Act.


Can I see more information about how the money was spent?

At this time it would require a significant investment in staff resources to research and post details about each purchase on this site. If you have a question about a specific expense, contact spending transparency initiative.


How is Clemson University funded by the State?

The University is considered two agencies by the State: a teaching and research university that receives funding for Education and General spending and a land-grant service agency, which receives funding for Public Service Activities, including Extension, agriculture and forestry research and regulatory services.


What are restricted and unrestricted funds?

Restricted funds are designated by law or internally for specific purposes. Unrestricted funds which can be used for any allowable expenses under state and university guidelines. For more information, see How to use this site.


What are Non-State Appropriated Funds?

Those are funds that are raised through tuition or other student fees (University Generated Funds), funds raised through departmental activities and services (Departmentally Generated Education and General Funds), unrestricted funds generated from grants and contract activity, or funds raised through student activities (Student Activities and Organizations).