Clemson University Spending Transparency

Available Reports

Spending by Month

Shows monthly transactions by amount, funding source and type, account, department and program or division.

Spending by Vendor

Shows expense transactions by Vendor (payee) by month ("vendor" includes University employees if they receive direct payment, i.e., a travel reimbursement)



Clemson University is committed to transparency about the funds it uses and accountability to the students, taxpayers, sponsors, donors and alumni it serves. Each of these groups provides critical funding necessary to meet the University's mission-related responsibilities of teaching, research and public service.


The spending transparency website provides the information for all expenses paid through the University's vendor system or with state-approved procurement credit cards. Information about salaries can be found at, consistent with the S.C. Freedom of Information Act.


Clemson University funding includes restricted funds, which can be used for specific purposes, and unrestricted funds, which can be used for any allowable expenses under state and university guidelines. The University is considered two agencies by the state: a teaching and research university that receives funding for Education and General spending and a land-grant service agency, which receives funding for Public Service Activities, including Extension, agriculture and forestry research and regulatory services.


The University also has auxiliary departments that receive no state funding and must generate all of their own revenue. Examples include Athletics, Housing, Dining Services, the Bookstore and Parking Services.


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